Life’s Possibilities And Human’s Choices

Human Beings Are Born With Inherent Gift To Explore Their Intellect And Surroundings By Deep Diving Into One’s Ability To Imagine And Fulfilling One’s Desires. Man Has Desires Which Dwells In Physical, Mental Or Spiritual World Depending On The State One Is Experiencing At Given Time. One Achieves Each Of These Desires By Series Of Learning & Re-Learning, Success & Failure, Encoding & Decoding. All Of These Demands Substantial Actions In The Dreamed Areas To Gain Experiences And Reach Out To The Desires Or Goals. One Can Get Results In Any Given Desires By Exploring One’s Potential, By Taking Calculated Risks And Striving In The Direction Of Growth.

But Humans Over A Period Of Time Develops Two Companions Which Always Pulls Them Back, Directing Away From The Goals. These Companions Are None Other Than Inactions & Day Dreams. Man Has Dreams And Desires But No Will To Take Actions In The Right Directions, Man Wants Everything By Doing Nothing. At The End Man Is Full Of Dreams Without Results, Overly Burdened With Inactions And Untapped Potentials. Life’s Growth Is Based On The Choices Humans Makes From Time To Time, It’s One’s Really A Choice Where One Wants To End Up One’s Life.

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