Attain It Or Skirt It !!

Yes, it’s true that no one can bring or gift success in someone’s life. One has to strive for it and earn it, there are no shortcuts. Yes, it’s true that one can take guidance of mentor or guru, do research, do analysis, acquire knowledge from the right sources, gain experience,  fail numerous times, but still one needs to climb the mountain by oneself. Success comes to does, action takers. Yes, it’s also true that no other person can become hurdle to one’s path or block or steal one’s success, there can be competition, but still each player has its share, there is no winner or loser, it’s all about cheating one’s own mind or delivering best from one’s own mind.  One’s success lies in one’s dreams, desires, goals, eagerness, focus, dedication, passion, execution. There is no way for any external forces to stop one’s growth, it’s the internal forces which defines & decides one’s fate. It’s an individual choice to attain it or skirt it !!

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