Characteristics Of A Leader

A legend, a leader, a role model, an outlier is the one who imagines what nobody can see, converts into vision and makes it a mission by creating larger impact on the millions of lives. These sets of outliers has a spark and a definite characteristics which makes them unique from the mass. These characteristics can be as described here but not just limited or confined to it. Physiology – Body language, Energy, Aura , Psychology – People friendly, Mass communicator, Visionary – Imaginative, innovator & dreamer, Spirituality & Divinity, honest, committed, humble, philanthropist, inspiring,  selfless mentoring …. Most prominent among all is Energy. One’s Body Language & Aura highly associated with one’s energy which is governed by one’s own confidence, determination, passion, focus. Energy depicts one’s commitment and execution eagerness. One’s Energy has power to bring, connect and bond people together, has power to build trust, respect, aligns vision and mission, has power to move the mountains. One’s positive energy creates feeling of oneness, togetherness, teamness, leading to collaborative & massive action and to ultimate success.

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