Once there was a sadhu in the mountains of the Himalayas near Badrinath, India and he came near to where I was sitting preparing a yagna with my disciples. He could not see us nor could he smell the burning wood the disciples had gathered in the lower dimension where my Etheric Ashram exists above. I knew he was there because I had called him to me. You see once I make a Swamini/Swami, they are forever wearers of the orange. But they are born into Maya many times and remember eventually their spiritual path and teach the Sanatana Dharma throughout many lifetimes. It is the Will of Bhagavan and it is My Will.

I called his Present Time name: Ram, Ram, Ram. He looked around and was very happy to hear a ‘human voice’. I had deliberately led him so that he was now lost and could not get down the mountain to the village far below for darkness was fast descending. Ram was faced with spending the night on the mountain and he would be warm enough, but he had eaten what food he had brought and now he was hungry. I removed the force field around the ashram so that his physical eyes could see me sitting with my disciples by the yagna fire ready to begin the yagna chanting. He had been looking for me all day as I had contacted Him in a dream some weeks earlier and he had arranged his life and came searching for Me. Since the dream, I had been taking care of him in preparation for what was about to happen now.

I greeted Ram, a disciple for many centuries and invited him to sit with us in the yagna. I told him to be patient and food would be provided for him later. Now, I handed him a cup of cool water from the cave behind where we were sitting. As I handed him the water, I touched his forehead in the third eye center and awakened memories from his Atma, memories of our connecting through Time itself and our connection from beyond time. We finished chanting the yagna and peace and a stillness descended around where we were sitting and in the hearts of Ram and my disciples. We sat in meditation for some time.

I initiated Ram into Atma Kriya Yoga because this was in the year 2007 after, together, Paramahamsa Vishwananda and I, Mahavatar Babaji as you know me, initiated Atma Kriya Yoga to the Present Time World. This Ram, who I initiated that night in 2007 teaches Atma Kriya Yoga in Present Time. I have brought my Yoga Maya over him and he does not carry the name Ram now, and he has forgotten that night of initiation.

Like this, you in this group have forgotten who you really are in essence, the Eternal Atma, the True Self. Many of you in this group meditate and do the sadhana of Atma Kriya Yoga. Many of you feel and know that I Am with you when you do your Kriya. So, awaken the memory of your True Self! Let It Be. OM OM OM

I AM Mahavatar Babaji, Champion of All People Everywhere
(Champion: Guardian, Protector)

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