Do Your Sadhana

There are new set of rules to learn and master Swimming. Rule is that Coach will teach practical Swimming only when one clears the subject called Fluid Mechanics. One must know Buoyancy Law, Archimedes’ Principle, Statics and Dynamics Forces on Fluid, Newtonian and Non-Newtonian fluid. One must understand the angle of hand rotation, the cycling rate of legs and the breathing length. One who is able to do this calculation is eligible for practical Swimming Coaching. Half of the people will run away, balance will end up failing in Exams, very few will be eligible for the practical coaching and chances are they won’t be the best.

One may come up with lot many such rules in mind before jumping to Practical Kriya Yoga. One must understand that Atma Kriya Yoga can be learned & mastered with practical experiences along with the Grace of Guru and ParamGuru. Just as in swimming where Coach teaches the basic techniques of floating, breathing and swimming, after practice one builds confidence to swim. Yes in initial learning period one has to push oneself harder but with time one learns from Freestyle to Butterfly. The Key is Practice and as we practice we start Enjoying, let it be Swimming or be it Kriya Yoga. The most enjoyable style in Swimming is floating over the water facing towards the sky and enjoying each breath and each moment, so as in Atma Kriya Yoga, the Body, Mind, and Soul can presume the state of Lord Narayana which is everlasting and ever blissing. We must do our daily Sadhana to achieve state of oneness. This is one of the secret behind Mastering Atma Kriya Yoga.

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