Life Is A Spiritual Marathon

Marathon is a scientific journey. Runner’s goal is to cross the finishing line, they give their 100% to achieve their goal no matter what, no matter how long it’s going to take, even if they get injured, the spirit is still alive to cross the finishing line. Running is purely a mind game, all throughout mind says it’s impossible but the willpower says i-m-possible, the more mind rebels’ more is the energy one gets to achieve the final goal of crossing the finishing line. The course of running may or may not start with a group of people, but eventually each one gets apart on their own because of different pace, energy and different state of mind. On running track one meets and greets different people, everyone similes at each other, some runs together to chit chat for a shorter duration, some gets cramps and stops for a while for recovery before restarting, some gets injured & some leaves in between – in both cases there are lessons for the better preparation for the next innings, but no matter what one sticks to their Goal which is very loud and clear in one’s heart. Yes !! The goal of crossing the finishing line is from heart, not from the mind as mind do not understand the capabilities of the physical body.

Best part of Marathon running is, it’s impossible to get off the track. This is because, one sees people running in certain direction, many are familiar with the track based on past experiences, there are always sign boards, there are always people standing to confirm the right direction. Everyone is moving towards the finishing line, no matter what. In short, while running everyone has a sense of awareness on where they are heading and what is the ultimate goal.

Underlying fact in Running Journey is that mind does not experience anything, it always remains confused, in literal sense what it gets is the orders from its owner to keep mouth shut. The real experience, the joy, the happiness, the sense of achievement, the energy, the freedom, the power, the health, and the transformation is at the level of heart which is than channelised to various parts of the body. Later runner keeps running to experience these experiences, but in long run, the aim is to embrace the finishing line by truly enjoying and loving each moments from start to the end.

Life is a spiritual journey and beyond a worldly journey. One’s real goal is enlightenment and beyond physical achievements. No matter how long or how many births one takes, the ultimate goal and purpose of life reveals by itself. Spiritual journey resembles Marathon journey, it’s a mind game, one has to honor the heart, each individuals are at different pace, energy, mindset and at different state, and longing for higher state of transformation. Hence Life is a Spiritual Marathon.

In life journey the mind always carves for materialistic goals whereas the heart always craves for spiritual goals. The intensity of respective craving is based on the awareness about the life’s real goal. Higher the awareness, higher is the spiritual inclination. Besides this no matter what, life after life each person – each soul is running towards the real spiritual goal.

Worst part of Life is, it’s easy to get off the track. This is because mind wants to run on path of materialistic desires. But heart is familiar with the spiritual path based on past experiences and if one truly and lovingly listens to the heart than one will see the signs and will also discover masters to show the right path. Irrespective of one’s current state or situation, the underlying reality is that everyone is moving towards divinity, no matter what. One must develop the sense of awareness on where they are heading and what is the life’s ultimate goal. Once there is clarity one’s heart starts experiencing the universal energy, the love, the blessings, the grace, the ecstasy, the bliss, which is than channelised to the soul to transcend to the real goal to embrace the divine by truly enjoying and loving each moments from start to the end.


  1. Beautiful thought, never imagined comparing life as a spiritual marathon but what i loved most about running was my innervoice speaking to me in the same hour, teaching valueable lessons and so it is very relateable for me. Thanks for posting ❤️

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    1. Like running one can compare any sports, tasks or activities which challenges mind and which brings out one’s higher potentials.
      Spirituality does the same, it challenges mind and brings out spiritual potentials, in fact it also works in many other areas of the life.


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