Seeking Happiness In Materialism Is Always At The Cost Of Divinity !!

        Happiness Is Way Of Life. Happiness Is As Important As Air, Water And Food For Any Living Being. For Child Happiness Is Natural And Could Remain Happy & Keep Smiling In Any Given Circumstances. But As Child Grows, Looses Its Innocence And The Natural Gift Of Happiness. This Loss of Happens Is Due To Loss of Touch Or Connection To Inner-Self And Hence The Divine Connection. One Starts Looking Outside For Materialism And Start Search For Happiness In Materialism. One Is Unable To Understand Divinity And Awareness About Inner-Being. Since Now The Happiness Lies In The Materialism, The Life Of Such Happiness Remains Short And One Jumps From One External Reason To Another External Reason In Search Of External Happiness Making Equation Of Life & Happiness Complex. The State Of Fulfilment, Happiness, Blissfulness Is Within Oneself And One Has To Accept This Fact By Awakening The Child Within To Remain Happy And To Enjoy Everlasting Happiness.

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