How To Over Come So-Called Failures ? (Part I)

        Winning Or Success Can Only Be Achieved With Success Mindset. When We Accept Our Defeat And Surrender By Considering That We Can’t Win, We Create Failure Mindset. We Are Holding Our Self, Our Beliefs, Our Capabilities, Our True Potentials. By Accepting Defeat We Are Accepting Our Limitations, We Are Building Walls Around And These Walls Stops Us From Further Improvement As Well Stops Us From Being Creative. The Question Is How Do We Over Come Our Failures ? We Need To Start Learning From Our Failures, Do Root Cause Analysis, Dig Out What We Are Lacking Or Where Did We Go Wrong, Soon We Will Come Up With Answers, Answers In Finding Ways In Which We Can Improve Our Self, Answers In Finding Alternative Paths, Answers On How To Win Lost Battle. Yes We Can !! This Entire Process Creates Wining Mindset Enabling Our Warrior Spirit To Be Alive And To Fight Battle After Battle After Battle For An Ultimate Win.

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