Hope – A First Ray Of Light

    Sometimes We Don’t See Desired Results, Even After Giving Our Best, Even After All The Efforts, Even After Doing All The Hard Work. We Still See A Long Way To Go And Soon We Start Losing Interest, We Are Unable To Focus, Which Makes Things Worst And We Remain Standstill. We Become Desperate For Results, Everything Seems Like Going In Vain. We Despair, A State In Which We Lose Hope Or Expectations, We Collapse, We Give Up, We Remain Anxious, We Loose Energy, We Become Too Timid, Ultimately We Create A Distance With Our Goals. Perhaps It’s The Worst State To Live In. 

        The Only Thing Which Can Save Us From This State Is Hope. Hope Acts Like A First Ray Of Sun As A Mark Of Dawn And Then There Is A Sunrise. We Forget That At Verge Of Giving Up, We Are Very Much Close To Our Destination, May Be Just A Step Away, We Need To Act Like Aarush, Killing All The Darkness With A Single Ray. It’s Just A Small Push When The Darkness Is At Its Peak. We Must Keep Pushing Our Self Till We Find The Way To Achieve Desired Results. This Push Will Keep Alive Our Hope To Succeed And Take Our Life To Next Level.

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