Problems Are Powered With Probability Of Success !!

        For Human Mind The Word Problem Means – Mystery, Puzzle, Quandary, Predicament, Difficulty, Obstacle, Hurdle, Challenge , Dilemma, Trouble, Entanglements, Complexity Etc Etc. In Original Context Problem Means A Difficult Task Or Question Proposed For Solution, Calling For A Brainstorming Session, To Understand Underlying Different Perspectives And Choosing The Best Path Or View Or Solution With Respect To The Situation Or Circumstances In Given Point Of Time. Everything Depends On Our Ability And Mindset. If Our Ability-Capability-Capacity Is Large Enough, So Called Problem Will Be Tiny And Will Not Be Visible To Us At All And Vice Versa Where Problem Will Be Like A Mountain Which Will Seem To Be Unbeatable. Everything Relies On How We See Problem And What Process We Choose To Solve It. Question Is Should We Really Consider Problem As A Problem ? We Must See And Break Problem As Probable-Me Meaning Probability Of Me And In Positive Context It Means Ability Of Myself To Resolve The Underlying Question. The Problem Itself Is Powered With Probable Solutions Leading To Success.

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