Our Results Are Reflection Of Our Thoughts

        What We Are Today Is Purely Based On What Decisions We Made 4-5 Years Ago. Our Results Are Based On What Decisions We Made In The Past And We Are The Product Of Our Decisions. Our Results Are Like Mirror Showing Us All Facts And That To Minutely. For Better Outcome Or Achieving Desired Results, One Must Decide And Act Now, In Present Time To See The Fruits In Time To Come. We Must Also Understand That Our Decisions Are Purely Based On Our Thoughts, Hence Our Results Are Reflection Of Our Thoughts. For Best Results We Must Filter Out Thoughts Which Are Not Aligned With Our End Results, And Must Provoke Thoughts Which Will Lead Us To A Great Distance, Close To Our Goals. Another Perspective Is When We Have Good Results, We Feel Good And We Get Good Thoughts Similarly When We Have Good Thoughts We Feel Better And Our Results Improve, Both Goes Hand In Hand, Just Think Other Way Round, If We Have Negative Thoughts, We Feel Sad And Hence Our Results Will Reflect That Negativity. Allow Ample Of Room For Positive, Creative, Constructive Thoughts For The Better & Brighter Future.

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