Greed – Ruthless Self-Indulgence

      Greed Is To Have Something More Than Utility Requirements, Collecting It As If It’s Scarce In Nature. Even Creating Scarcity Is Linked With Greed. Greed Is More Than Just Human Emotions, It Is Selfish In Nature And It Can Be Consider As A Disorder, It Has More To Do With Human Psychology And Is Connected To Mindset. One Never Gets Satisfied And It Becomes Never Ending Hunt To Amass Materialistic Objects Like Food, Money, Power. Greed Is Generally Over Materialistic Matters, Objects, Person, It’s Scarce To See Greed In Spirituality. 

Greed Is Heartlessness, An Avaricious Never Thinks About Ill Effects To The Surroundings & Society And Always Acts From The Window Of Self-Indulgence. 

Passion And Greed Are Intense Desires But There Is A Thin Line Between Them. Greed Creates Harming Effect Where As Passion Creates Farming Effect On All The Parties Involve. Passion Is Generosity While Greed Is Acquisitiveness. It’s All About How One Perceives & Preserves Available Resources. The Person Who Lives & Operates From Scarce State Will Always Remain Surrendered To Greed. But In Reality Everything In Nature Is In Abundance, There Is No Scarcity. Scarcity Is Just A Product Of Human Mindset.

Empathy And Abundance Mindset Can Kill Greed From Its Roots. Eliminate The Seeds Of Greed From Heart And Sow The Seeds Of Asceticism.

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