Human Mind Must Mind It’s Own Business

    Sound Body Creates Sound Mind Or Sound Mind Creates Sound Body, Both Are Interconnected And Goes Hand In Hand, Both Must Remain In Harmony For The Individual Progress. Uncontrolled & Unconditioned Mind, Creates Restlessness, Indecisiveness, Obscurity, Vagueness, Uncertainty In Thought Process, It Is A Chatter Box & Always Finds Reasons Which Stops One From Taking Actions. Mind Has A Blue Print Based On Thoughts, Feelings & Past Actions. It Creates A Beliefs & Mindset Which Plays Major Role In Human Behaviour, Actions & Reactions. It’s Always Important To Condition Mind.

Conditioning Is A Continuous Process As Otherwise Mind Has Inclination To Go Back To Its Original Unconditioned Tendencies. Conditioning Is Done By Keeping Mind Positively Charged, Which Can Be Done By Reading, Writing, Watching, Executing, Progressive & Positive Contents, Giving No Time & Room For Negativity To Grow. As Everyone Is Aware that Idle Mind Is Devil’s Workshop, Meaning Ideal Mind Comes Up With Negative, Unprogressive, Depressing, Destructive Thoughts. One Must Occupy Mind In Creativeness & Constructiveness. Forming Negative Habit Is Effortless But Practising Positive Habit Is A Task, One Has To Remain Committed To Continuous Transformation. A True Winning Over Mind Game Is Achieved With The Practice Of Affirmation, Visualisation & Meditation. 

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