Human Soul – Sole Source Of Self-Realisation

    In Balancing And Maintaining Body & Mind, Humans Forgets The Most Important Element Of Their Existence – Soul. Degree Of Soundness Of Body & Mind Reflects In Soundness Of The Soul. Ultimate Aim Of Life Is Cleansing & Purification Of One’s Soul, But Humans Gets Entangled With Their Body & Mind Through Materialism, Egoism, So Much So That One Becomes Unaware Or Ignorant About Spiritualism. In Wake Of Worldly Matters One Becomes Slave Of Outerism , Craving And Desires Of Materialistic Goals Over Powers Innerism, Forgetting Real Goals Of Self-Awakening & Self-Realisation. One Remains Busy With All Five Senses Impairing Their Ability To Decode & Interpret Sound Of Heart, Sound Of Soul, True Guidance & Intuition, Sound Of Spiritualism.

The Question Is What One Should Pursue Humanism Or Spiritualism ? 

(Humanism Is In Moderate Form Of Materialism)

Deep Logical Analysis Answers One Must Have Balance Of All Three Elements – Body, Mind & Soul. One Must Grow In All Three Directions, All Three Are Interconnected And Can Lead Towards True Happiness. In This Process Of Growth One Must Listen To One’s Heart To Get Guidance On The Direction. Depending On One’s State, One Has To Interpret One’s Own Intuition On Which Element’s Energy Requirement Is Higher, And Must Follow Such Path. It Is Possible Only Through Sound – Body, Mind & Soul.

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