Trust – Dreams To Victory

    Trust Is A Faith And Belief In Someone Or Something. It’s One Of The Foundation On Which Human Existence Is Thriving. Each & Every Relations Are Based On Trust Be It With Family, Friends, Business, Education, Society, Government, County…. And Even Relations With GOD, GURU & SELF. Trust Is Either A Blind Trust Or No Trust. There Cannot Exists Calculated Or Partial Trust & Such Behavior Can Be Classified Under Opportunism. Self-Trust Is The Foundation On Which Entire Trust System Works And All Human Emotions & State Are Build On Trust, Emotions & State Like Love, Respect, Peace, Calmness, Happiness …. One Who Does Not Have Trust In Oneself Cannot Trust Anyone Else. 



Success Is More About Relations And How It’s Been Fulfilled At All Levels Be It Customer, Client, Colleague, Spouse, Parents, Friends, Children ….. One Has To Trust At Each Stage To Each One To Climb The Success Ladder. It’s Immaterial About Others Trust, But Yes If It’s Both Ways Than Sky Is A Limit And If It’s Not Then Somewhere Down The Line Distrust Finds Its Place. Trust Is Willingness To Step Into Something Or With Someone On A Path And Converting It Into Success, Happiness, And Fulfillment, Trust Binds All Parties Dreams Together Leading It Towards Victory.

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