Wisdom Is Driven By An Engine of Intuition

    Wisdom Is Quality Of Being Wise, Sensible, Knowledgeable, Rational, Smart, Sapient, Judicious, Perceptive, Sharp, Clever, Intelligent, Sagacious. It Is The Quality Of Having Knowledge, Experience, Great Judgment. Wisdom Is To Have Perceptive, An Insight Driven By Profound Thoughts Generated By An Engine Of Intuition. Careful Understanding Reveals That Wisdom Requires Perceptive, Perceptive Requires Perspective Of Things Or Matters, A Three Dimensional Thinking. With Limited Belief & Pre-Conceived Notions It’s Impossible To Think With Open Mind & With A Three Dimensional View. One Has To Unlock All Notions — Limited Beliefs For An Intuitive Engine To Start Functioning. 



Wisdom Is Wise-Dom, Where Wise Is Intelligent Man And Dom Is A Title Given To Person Of Higher Ranking, Nobles And More Specifically Title Given To Monk, Hence We Can Say Wisdom Is Wise-Monk Or Intelligent-Monk. Dom Also Means Decree Or Judgment, Master In Latin And Don In Portuguese. Don Mean Do on & Dom Is Master, Hence It’s Master of Actions. Wisdom Is Thoughts In Action, Without Action There Can’t Be Any Intuition; Action Is A Fuel For Intuitive Engine. Wisdom Is Putting Knowledge & Experience Into Action For Tapping One’s Own Intuition To Bring Out Intelligent & Clever, Judgments & Solutions.

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